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The future of lithium polymer batteries

Author:evenbabyPublish:2019-09-23View: 123

Although the sales volume of lithium polymer battery is growing rapidly, the development trend of lithium polymer battery is also reflected from the side according to the current development of mobile phone itself towards miniaturization and ultrathin, personalized and artistic mobile phone design, increasing use of color screen and mobile phone functions.

In fact, the notebook computer, bluetooth headset, PHS mobile phone, mobile DVD and other electrical appliances are in the direction of miniaturization and portability, the increasing functions, the increasing LCD screen, which have provided infinite development space and unlimited business opportunities for lithium polymer battery.

With the development of economy, the number of cars in our country is also increasing rapidly.In order to protect the environment and save energy, the development of new energy electric vehicles has been imperative.As early as during the period of “15” in our country, the electric car has been listed in the “863” key project, in today’s Ft crescent vision development, China’s new energy vehicles will be included in the “twelfth five-year” plan proposed strategic emerging industries, and will actively support and promote the electric car important standard system (repair) for work, for electric cars in China established a relatively complete system of standards, to fully support and speed up the development needs of the future.By the end of the 12th five-year plan, China will become the country with the largest number of electric cars in the world.

Developed countries around the world have formulated relevant policies to promote the development of electric vehicles. Establishing electric vehicles is one of the important ways to achieve energy security and low-carbon economy.The United States has proposed making 1 million plug-in electric vehicles available by 2015.Japan has put the development of electric vehicles at the core, and will promote the “next generation of vehicles” with electric vehicles as the main body by 2020, with a planned number of 13.5 million.In August 2009, the German government issued the national electric vehicle development plan focusing on pure electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles, aiming to popularize at least one million pure electric vehicles by 2020.

For a variety of technical reasons, the present stage of lithium polymer battery research mainly concentrated in the small current charge and discharge characteristic of small capacity battery, for large capacity, high power lithium ion battery charging protection circuit is not mature, if solved the large capacity of lithium polymer battery charging, balanced and protection circuit problems, and the polymer li-ion battery would be better applied to electric moped, thus increasing the research on lithium polymer has significant social and economic benefits, at the same time it still has other potential significance.