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  • 232019-09

    What’s the price of the lithium battery for the hand ring? Does it pollute the environment? A smart watch lithium battery should be composed of three parts: the electric core, the protection circuit and the shell. The cathode material is lithium cobalt acid. The standard discharge voltage is 3.7V, the charging cut-off voltage is 4.2V, and the discharge cut-off voltage is 2.75V. The unit of electricity is Wh (Wa Shi), so […]

  • 232019-09

    What is the possible cause of zero voltage or low voltage in a polymer lithium battery? SHENZHEN IMPROVE BATTERY Co.,Ctd polymer lithium batteries in zero voltage or low voltage is what led to the possible reasons are as follows: 1, lithium polymer battery external short circuit, such as a battery ground lug overlapping short circuit, battery positive and negative OTC ear clip on the same side. 2, polymer lithium battery internal short […]

  • 102019-09

    Liquid lithium ion battery vs polymer lithium ion battery Mobile phone lithium battery everyone listens a lot, but how is it classified? In fact, in the field of electronic products, lithium batteries are commonly used in liquid lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium ions. Mobile phone lithium battery everyone listens a lot, but how is this thing classified (the following lithium-ion battery is abbreviated as […]

  • 072019-09

    Key materials and technologies for next generation power batteries China Electric Vehicles 100 People’s Association held the first phase of industrial training (East China Class) in Anting, Shanghai. The theme of this issue is “Technology Breakthrough and Innovation of Electric Vehicles”, Huang Xuejie, Research Fellow, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Ai Xinping, Huaying, Wuhan University Power General Manager Zhou Peng, Shanghai […]