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Ni-MH battery rechargeable batteries

Author:adminPublish:2019-12-16View: 11,874

Energy measurement, the only revision unit of the national standard for nickel-metal hydride batteries, 10years of production experience, industry TOP3, daily production capacity of 500,000, 15 automated production lines.

Volume energy EPT® nickel-hydrogen batteries are known for their high technology level, ranking among the top 5 in the country, and occupying a global market share of 4%. Mainly used in solar energy storage, power tools, medical equipment and consumer digital products, such as solar lights, high temperature lamps, car T-BOX, power tools, medical equipment, game console handles, vacuum cleaners, shavers, electric toothbrushes, electric Toy batteries etc. In order to carry more energy in the limited space of game console handles, the amount of energy can create B-type batteries in the industry.

Among them, high-rate power nickel-metal hydride and high-low temperature nickel-metal hydride batteries are characteristic products of energy-efficient EPT.

In the national standard, this type of battery has three types: cylindrical, small square, and button. According to the model, there are 7 common types of hydrogen nickel batteries, AAA (No. 7), AA (No. 5), A, SC, C, D, and F. In actual applications, the models vary according to the usage scenarios, reaching thousands.

Energy measurement is a nickel-metal hydride battery manufacturer and a Ni-MH battery manufacturer. Customers should choose nickel-hydrogen or Ni-MH battery. Energy measurement can always give a suitable solution.