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What’s the price of the lithium battery for the hand ring? Does it pollute the environment?

Author:evenbabyPublish:2019-09-23View: 358

A smart watch lithium battery should be composed of three parts: the electric core, the protection circuit and the shell. The cathode material is lithium cobalt acid. The standard discharge voltage is 3.7V, the charging cut-off voltage is 4.2V, and the discharge cut-off voltage is 2.75V. The unit of electricity is Wh (Wa Shi), so what are the factors affecting the capacity of a smart watch lithium battery?

1, according to the requirements and specifications of the customer, the size of the battery is designed to be matched with the watch, and the different size and capacity are different.

2, the properties of the positive and negative materials and the types, models and the amount of active materials of the materials.

3, the correct proportion of positive and negative active substances;

4, the concentration and type of electrolyte;

5, the process of production process.

First of all, the bracelet is smart enough to wear lithium batteries. It is a polymer lithium ion battery. It will not pollute. Lithium batteries do not contain harmful substances to the environment. They are green lithium batteries. Many other batteries have a lot of pollution to the environment, such as lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, and some alkaline batteries also contain trace amounts of mercury. Therefore, the lithium-ion battery of the hand ring does not pollute the environment.

So what about the current price of the hand – loop lithium battery? There are all kinds of hand – ring lithium batteries in the market.
First, look at the size of the battery;

Second, it is the electric core or the finished battery.

Third, to see whether the process is difficult or not, is the ultra – thick ultra narrow electric core.

Fourth, high temperature and low temperature low temperature electric core;

Fifth, is the addition of the ordinary version or the Seiko edition;

Sixth, whether or not the terminal line and so on are the factors that affect the price of the lithium battery of the hand ring.

If the customer is to determine the above situation, can consult IMPROVE, we can give you a bracelet with the specification and price of lithium batteries!