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Comparison between lithium iron batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Author:evenbabyPublish:2019-09-23View: 114

Charge-discharge cycle life: 2000 times charging efficiency: 3 c in self-discharge rate: 0.1% energy efficiency: 95% starting instantaneous voltage fluctuation: 0.2-0.5 V working temperature: 25 ~ 80 ℃ excessive discharge protection have security: in any case not burning explosion is A product of high ratio of lithium iron batteries, high-power power protection board, equipped with voltage display and high-power pure copper column, the same specifications of the battery of lithium iron batteries are one third of the lead-acid battery weight
1.Small in size and light in weight, lithium iron phosphate battery pack is only about 1/3 of the volume and weight of lead-acid battery.
2.Long cycle life lithium iron phosphate battery cycle life reached more than 2000 times.Lead acid batteries have a cycle life of about 300 cycles, with a maximum of 500 cycles.Taken together, the price/performance ratio is more than four times that of lead-acid batteries.
3.Good discharge characteristics, energy saving, fuel saving, high rate charge and discharge, fast charge and discharge.It can be filled in 20 minutes at the fastest.Compared with lead-acid battery, the discharge of lithium battery is stable and can be charged and discharged with large current, thus improving the sensitivity of power steering, accelerator response speed, fast and stable power supply, improving the combustion effect in cylinder, strong power output, energy saving and fuel saving.
4.High temperature resistant lithium iron phosphate battery operating temperature range :(-20℃~+75℃).Electric peak value :(350℃-500℃).Conventional batteries are only around 200 ° c.
5.Safe use, green environmental protection lithium ion battery no pollution, does not contain any heavy metal elements harmful to human health, high safety, is currently the safest battery.In puncture, extrusion, overshoot, short circuit and other tests, no explosion, no fire.Lead-acid batteries contain lead, antimony and other heavy metals, which cause serious pollution to the environment. They are prone to leakage during use and maintenance, and internal sulfuric acid spill-over causes equipment corrosion and human injury accidents.

Charging and discharging cycle life: 300 times charging efficiency: 1C years self-discharge rate: 10% energy efficiency: 60% starting moment voltage fluctuation: 1.0-2.0v working temperature: -10~60℃ excessive discharge protection: no safety: toxic, exhaust valve jam will explode