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3.7v lithium polymer battery

Author:adminPublish:2020-06-08View: 198

3.7V polymer lithium battery 104050 polymer battery 2A discharge
Application: Toy car battery pack, remote control toy battery, electric toy battery, children\’s toy battery, remote toy car battery, toy remote control car battery, toy lithium battery, toy battery, toy gun battery, toy rechargeable battery, toy car battery Play with various models such as model airplanes.

3.7v lithium polymer battery

3.7V polymer lithium battery features:

> High safety performance, low bulging rate, 100% non-explosive.
> Cycle life up to more than 500 times without a false standard.
> Lightweight and high capacity density.
> Special-shaped technology, flexible and various shapes can be customized according to customer requirements.
> Using individual electrodes, high discharge platform, and stable discharge performance.