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Advantages of our lithium battery

Author:evenbabyPublish:2019-09-23View: 121

Advantages of our battery:
•1. The safety of lithium iron phosphate is unmatched by other lithium batteries. It can withstand high temperature.The operating temperature range is wide (-50c –+75C), with the characteristics of high temperature resistance: the electrothermal peak value of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350℃ — 500℃, while lithium manganese acid and lithium cobalt acid are only around 200℃.(lithium iron phosphate used in our products)
•2. Long service life.The discharge of lithium iron phosphate was placed at 0v for 3 months. The charge and discharge were repeated several times and the capacity was restored.Other lithium batteries do not have this property, the life of lithium iron phosphate is 2000 times.
•3. Built-in protection board, we independently develop protection board, automatic protection battery for overcharge and overdischarge.
•4. Easy to use, no maintenance, no maintenance and no refueling.
•5. This product adopts 4 series lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can discharge with large current and start smoothly.
•6. Good low-temperature performance, the ordinary lead-acid battery can’t start at -50 ℃ in the north, which can be solved by our products.
•7. Easy to use, directly replace the original lead-acid battery.
•8. Small size, light weight, the best choice of light weight, reduce weight, environmental protection and oil saving.
•9. We adopt the flame-retardant abs plastic shell and the self-housing patented security foam filling protection technology package to make the product more safe